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     The Detroit News/Rosa Parks Internship


The Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation and The Detroit News have revived a program offering two 10-12-week internships for the summer 2022 to matriculating scholars. A completed application and supporting documents must be submitted -- online only -- by February 24, 2023, to

Applicants for this internship must:

  -  Have been named a Rosa Parks Foundation scholar
  -  Have completed at least one of year of college
  -  Complete the application form below, which includes submitting:

  •  Resume

  • Work/writing samples (4-10 samples preferred)

  • References (minimum of 2 required, non-family preferred)

This internship offers full-time employment at The Detroit News. The internship includes a 5-day, 37.5-hour workweek, while complying with conditions of the Newspaper Guild contract.

If selected, all interns must:  
  -  Have a driver’s license
  -  Have access to reliable transportation
  -  Pass a pre-screen drug test
-  Acquire adequate housing for the summer

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